There is nothing funny about Typewriting

By The Solitary Bibliophile

January 31, 2013

“Before the class was allowed to touch typewriters, we memorized the keyboard letters by pounding away on their arrangement printed on heavy paper. When we finally got real typewriters, which had blank keys, room was so noisy I understood why the class was hidden away in a corner of the basement. Speed and accuracy were the goals, but for me all the nervous clattering of typewriters and pressure to hit the right keys faster was so exhausting I just managed to squeak through the semester with a grade of G for good. I could not face the second semester so I still have to peek to type numbers. Today, when I’m asked the most difficult part of writing, I answer “typing,” which is taken as a joke. It is not. There is nothing funny about typewriting.” — Beverly Cleary (from her memoir)

As someone who’s old enough to remember taking typing classes ~ when we still used typewriters ~ I must say, I felt her pain!

I was quite amused by this statement from a rather famous children’s book author. I’ve been enjoying her memoir; she’s candid, funny and has a brilliant memory of her childhood. Every bit a ‘Ramona,’ I might add 🙂

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